MISTY BYWATER: Lullaby Waterfall (CD 2018)

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Misty has emerged from the mist to bring forth one poem and thirteen songs, which, together, form her first album, "Lullaby Waterfall".      "Psychedelic lullabies" was the most apt phrase their minds could muster - Misty and Michael Tellbach, that is - whilst pondering descriptive terminology for this collection of songs. Possibly because they fell asleep every time they listened to it. A piano here; a recorder there; harmonious hums and the occasional ghost - "Lullaby Waterfall" is, by turns, charming and strange; often sparse in its arrangements, yet always warm.     Allow yourself to be lulled, song by song.   "Sweet dreams".

P.S.: Each CD is shipped with an original miniature drawing by Misty Bywater.