LA MERDE: L'Amour et la Merde (MC 2019)

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L'Amour et la Merde by La Merde


Self-descripton of the band: "La Merde combine fact and fiction in an anachronistic collage of the past into a contemporary creation of sound and image."

A friend recommended La Merde from Belgium to me. I was instantly smitten and immediately asked the band if I could offer the two tapes they have produced so far via Opus Abscondi. Their music reminds me of everything that was good about the first generation of so-called "neofolk"-related acts. However, they seem very fresh and new to me. Maybe this is because of their deep sense of satire (of themselves and of the "scene") while being dead serious in their artistic vision. This is a combination I have always been very fond of. 

This is their second album on music cassette that was released on 2 July 2019. It is a blast as well. Definitely a reason to buy a cassette player if you do not own one.