Kinit Her - "Fire Returns To Heaven" (MC Brave Mysteries 2019)

Kinit Her - "Fire Returns To Heaven" (MC Brave Mysteries 2019)

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Kinit Her

Through kaleidoscopic composition and timbral experimentation, Nathaniel Ritter and Troy Schafer from Wisconsin, USA, have been braiding a remarkable string of works as Kinit Her since 2008, a harmonised enumeration of spells and dreams, backed by weeping string and brass arrangements with lush acoustic ephemera twinkling on the periphery. Their discography has grown strong over recent years with releases on such esteemed labels as Alt.Vinyl, Small Doses, Pesanta Urfolk, Reue um Reue and AVANT!.

Fire Returns To Heaven

"Fire Returns To Heaven” is Kinit Her’s fourteenth full-length release. Their art has clearly matured over the years, which makes it a lot more accessible, even though it has kept its highly experimental, groundbreaking quality. The balance between these two extremes makes this album a listening experience that is just as appealing as it is challenging. Archaic ritualistic chants are balanced with moments of outstanding beauty, the latter being strongly enhanced by Jessica Way (from Worm Ouroboros and Barren Harvest) who has contributed her warm and expressive voice to a couple of songs on “Fire Returns To Heaven”.

The album is available on CD through Opus Abscondi and on music cassette through Brave Mysteries.   


Fire Returns to Heaven by Kinit Her