GNOMONCLAST: Gather Together (CD 2011)

GNOMONCLAST: Gather Together (CD 2011)

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Gnomonclast's second album after "Tempus Null" is housed in a beautiful DigiPak.

Gnomonclast's second masterpiece after "Tempus Null" was recorded in 2010 and 2011 during a period of extensive collaboration with ART ABSCONs with whom they also shared a few stages at that time. Time and fate have separated them for the time being, but their friendship and heritage shall live on in time and beyond. Apart from Art Abscon's contributions to "Endstrom", "Der Geist der Freien Felder", "Zeit ist ein Verräter" and "Fly", Sean Ragon from Cult of Youth is featured on "A New Way".

The CD is housed in a beautiful DigiPak.

Tracklist: Endstrom / Machine / Render Not Worhsip / A New Way / We Are The Last / Der Geist Der Freien Felder / Zeit Ist Ein Verräter / Sins Of Our Parents / Ascension Of Indignation / Ruins Of Heldscalla / Wake Nancy / Entre Las Cenizas / Black Rainbow / Gloria / Riddles / Winter's Frost / Fly