Die Puppe: A Doll's House (CD 2010)

Die Puppe: A Doll's House (CD 2010)

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Using the pseudonym "Mika Chrome", Art Abscon has collaborated several times as guitarist with French coldwave legend NORMA LOY. DIE PUPPE is one of USHER's side projects for which Mika Chrome recorded guitars in 2009.

Apart from a cover version of THE VELVET UNDERGROUND's "White Light White Heat" sung by Kim und Joe Dallessandro, the album also features vocals by ART ABSCONs collaborator Véra W'r..H and many others.

Track list: Come Together / Eternal Love / Adoration / Fade Away / Moon On A Spoon / White Light White Heat / Frog / Everything / Kinder T / 23 Jesus / Dying Rain / Crocodile Song / Viens (Shoot Me)