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The 2010 split album with GABE-UNRUH features several exclusive tracks by ART ABSCONs, including "Roses of Picardy" which was used for a surprising number of different fan-made videos - you can see one example below. This jewel case CD was re-released by SkullLine in 2012.

AAs Tracklist: Tochter Feuer / Killing Time / Wolfseinsamkeit / Roses Of Picardy (Alternative Fassung) / Somnium 1 (GU Remix) / Überall Himmel überall Hölle / Schrecken Und Schönheit (Mit Kunstgerecht) / Somnium 1 (GU Minusmix)

Tracklist Gabe/Unruh: Gedankenpolizei / Das Pendel / Ausgangssperre / Elektrogravitationsflugkreisel / Gedankenpolizei (Strydwolf drei chormix) / Elektrogravitationsflugkreisel (Art Abscons remix) / Singt eisern! (Zr19.84 remix) / Gedankenpolizei (Strydwolf remix)

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