ANTON SHIELD: Rare Tapes 1980-1985 (CD 2015)

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Anton Shield is another pseudonym of Usher, who is the creative spirit behind projects like Black Egg and Die Puppe and one of the two founding members of the French coldwave legend Norma Loy. I have collaborated with him on numerous occasions under the pseudonym of Mika Chrome. This compilation of early rare tapes is one of my most cherished possessions.

Tracklist: Tell Me You're A Whore / Long Rainy Days / New Life / Girl / My Friends / Romance / Venus in Furs / X Mas / La Place Rouge / L'ange / Liquid Time / La Chair / Le Salut De L'esprit Et Du Corps / A Column / Marie Sodomée / Cum To Cunt 2 / Are You Superior? / TV TV / Baader Meinhof Terminale Zone


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