ART ABSCONs / GNOMONCLAST: Songs of Hate + Hate (CD 2014)

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"Songs of Hate + Hate" is the latest collaboration between Art Abscons and Gnomonclast;
Digipak CD released by Old Europa Cafe. The album is in stock again.



Track list: Our Hour - Heiliger H8! / Before / In Gitarren und in Flöten / Memoria Et Nihil / War between the Words / Faith In Faith / Verborgener Gott / Old Childe / Comfort / Monsters / Schweine / As Below now Above / Der Schlüssel


Find the Crosscut of the "Songs of Hate + Hate" on Soundcloud!


"With this undertaking we do not extoll hate as a virtue,
nor do we elevate hate's virulence
over love's gainful grace;
rather, we have inelegantly paid hate its due,
in acknowledgement of all we have had
good cause to rue."

∼ N2 ItinitI ∼

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