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A little bit of the old Current 93 here and there, early Blutharsch, Ostara, Ordo Equitum Solis, a few reminiscences of Forseti once in a while, etc., etc.? Martial drums, samples and industrial opulence, delicate folk instrumentation and touching melodies, beautiful and forceful lyrics both in English and German drenched in mysticism and the occult, three good voices (and even Art Abscon's on two songs), etc., etc.? And yet all of it perfectly unique, autonomous, fresh and unheard-of?

I (Michael alias Art Abscon) feel as if I have mixed and mastered a neofolk classic. A classic that is released in 2021. Aeldaborn’s “Sun Of Melancholy”. And, while I am trying not to sound too proud, I think I did an excellent job with the engineering and gave this album the sound it needs.

Sun Of Melancholy
Unseen Light
Der Gang in das Ewige Schweigen
Mitternacht (feat. Art Abscon)
Overture for None
Schwerer Nebel
Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead
The Snake Entwined
The Stellar Altar
Wormwood (feat. Art Abscon)
Frost & Fire

The Runes On Wayland's Sword
Through The Willows
Krieger und Sonnen
The Destroyers
Whoever Giveth Life
The Land Of The Mist

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