About Opus Abscondi

About Opus Abscondi


You may know me as the man behind the mask of Art Abscon. I am a musician and music producer, and my real name is Michael Tellbach. Opus Abscondi is my music label. I run this label mainly for two reasons: Firstly, I believe in traditional music formats, such as vinyl records, CDs and music cassettes and therefore want to contribute to their continued existence. Secondly, I have had bad experiences with some of the other labels that have released my music in the past and therefore have decided that I need a label on my own, to protect my music from the detrimental influence of foreign interests. I have learned a lot from those experiences. I want to use what I have learned to offer musicians I release on Opus Abscondi better conditions and experiences than the ones that I have been confronted with in the past.



We all love music, don't we? It is one of the very few sources of recreation, beauty and joy that our daily routine affords. It has no physical body or material value, and yet it is inestimably precious to us. I know what listening to a vinyl record can do, how exclusive, deep and special this experience is. And I know that listening to an mp3 or, even worse, a music stream can in no way offer similar thrills. Music cassettes might have gained a bad reputation at some point in the 1990s because of the tape hiss that sometimes occurs, but I can give you my personal guarantee that listening to a cassette not only has a lot more style than listening to your favourite song on YouTube, it also sounds ten thousand times better. 

I do not believe that everything is constantly getting worse in general, but I do believe that things have been constantly going down the drain when it comes to music production and reproduction. My mission with Opus Abscondi is to create a little island in the midst of the endless ocean of music streams, an island where music is produced and made available as it was in the good old days when music was still treated as something precious and valuable.


I will not go into detail about my own bad experiences with labels - I am certain that other musicians have had similar ones. I would rather like to stress the positive aspects that my personal experiences have taught me: I know, for example, that the three things all artist expect most from a label are honesty, transparency and respect for their art. And this is what I have to offer. If I release your music via Opus Abscondi, you can be absolutely certain that you will sign a contract that will be tailored to your personal requirements. We will discuss each detail in person and adapt it, if necessary, before we sign the contract in order to be absolutely certain that no one will ever have any reason to feel double-crossed.

Apart from releasing your music, I can also help you produce your music. I am currently working on setting up a larger music studio where I can also record and produce the bands and artists I release.

And this is only the beginning.


About Opus Abscondi